Our premiere riding program is offered to children and adults of all ages and experiences. Our qualified instructor with years of knowledge and experience is eager to pass her enthusiasm for horses along to the next generation in a fun, progressive and above all safe way. Our Riding Program is responsible for the teaching and inspiration of beginners and up-and-coming riders in a safe, fun and learning environment.

The building blocks of Equestrian Instruction are threefold: Fun, Informative, and above all, Safe. Instructor expertise includes:
  • Qualified instructor who provides a sound basis for learning and competing in the equestrian discipline in a fun and safe way.
  • Providing the building blocks that will enable young riders to compete competently on any equestrian circuit.
  • Providing fun, safe and informative lesson programs that are conducive to respecting others and their horses.
  • Enabling riders to find self respect and confidence though hard work and training.
  • Providing a safe environment with adult supervision that enables young peers to positively interact with one another.

Our lessons at Northequest start with a $42.50 (+ HST) 1/2 hour evaluation lesson by our friendly coaches. Once a students riding level and comfort level are assessed we assign a riding time.


  • 1 hour Private lesson $65.00 (ages 3 and up)
  • 1/2 hour Leadline/Lunge lessons/evaluation (1 rider) $42.50

Our lesson program runs 6 days a week Tuesday though Sunday. Please call for available times. On Monday our barn is closed so our hard working horses can get a well deserved day of rest. Lessons are booked in packages of 4 or 5 for each month due at the commencement of the first lesson. Cancellations of lessons are required a minimum of 24hours in advance by time stamped e-mail or phone message. Make-up lessons will be scheduled on a rider by rider basis according to times and horses available. No monetary refunds will be given for missed or canceled lessons, every effort will be made by Northequest to schedule make up riding times.

Here at Northequest we aim to give all students a complete experience. Students will not only learn how to ride in a safe and fun way but will also learn how to care for their trusted mounts. Students will be responsible for learning appropriate and complete care of horse and equipment, proper barn etiquette, etc.

All lessons will begin promptly at the scheduled time. It is up to all riders to ensure that they arrive with enough time to prepare their mount and allow for enough time to care for their horse and clean their equipment after the lesson.

What students should wear to ride:

  • *ASTM approved helmet for both adults and juniors
  • Suitable clothing for the weather (layered clothing)
  • Jeans or jodphurs with paddock boots and garters for juniors or paddock boots w/half-chaps for adults
  • Riding gloves
We'd be more than happy to suggest places to shop, and help you obtain any of these items.

**All lesson fees are subject to HST.