• 6 post-dated cheques will be required upon arrival, made payable to Northequest Equestrian Facility, Inc.
  • Board is due to Northequest on the 1st of every month (cheque, cash)
  • Client Invoices will be posted on our administration board on the 28th of every month. Your account is to carry a balance of $0 by the 3rd of every month.
  • Vet and Farrier fees will be billed directly to the client.
  • Your account is to be paid-up within 30days, at which point a letter will be given warning of your outstanding balance and a lean against your tack will be held. All tack and equipment will be held in lieu of late payments and sold if your account is not rectified within the time alloted above according to your Boarding Contract.
  • After 45 days of non-payment your horse will be sold at auction pursuant to the Inn Keeper's Act.
Payment is due on or before your first lesson that month and lessons will be scheduled on the calendar prior to riding for the month. Lessons will not be given if they have not been paid for.

Dishononored/canceled/nsf/lost/forgotten cheques will incur an additional $50 service fee. All lessons are paid for in grougs of 4 or 5 depending on the month. 24-hour notice is required to cancel or move a lesson. All lessons paid for in that month must be taken within that month. No carry-overs. Please talk to Laura or leave a message at 905-852-4680 with the time and reason or to organize any make up lessons.

CONDITIONS:In order to maintain our high quality of care and appearance we ask that all boarders keep their horses neatly groomed and turned out at all times, including basic clipping, manes neatly pulled, blankets kept in good order, halters in good repair etc. If you are not able to comply with this we require that you make arrangements with our staff to provide the appropriate services in a timely manner. If you would prefer, we can simply perform each task as it becomes necessary and bill your account accordingly. Many of our busier clients find it more convenient to switch to All-Inclusive board and/or schedule regular attention to these matters in order to ensure that their horses are always looking and feeling their best.

Upon your arrival, you are required to provide 6 post-dated board cheques, these will be kept by Northequest Management as a form of security deposit on the stall during your stay, until you choose to leave Northequest (with 30days written notice) or are requested to leave.

If you require us to hold a stall until you can make arangements to ship in, a deposit of $200 for a 30day hold will be needed and will be applied against your first months board provided you move in within 30 days. The funds provided for the holding of a stall will be refunded to you, provided you move in within an agreed upon timeframe. Any remaing days will be pro-rated on a daily basis. We would be pleased to come and pick you up on your confirmed move in date at your expense. You may wish to purchase a stall sheet and haversham in NeQ barn colours/logo for your horse at a cost of $60 each. As well you will need to purchase a stainless-steel stall plate with the owners and horses' name (obtainable from Northequest at a cost to you of $20). The stall sheet or any other blankets purchased with the NeQ logo can be traded in when you leave.

On the day of your arrival NeQ will need all pertinant information regarding contact numbers, medical clearance (negative coggins, 4way vaccinations, worming) and proof of insurance carrier and type of coverage. Please have these papers with you on your day of arrival.

First months board payment (payable by cheque/cash)
5 months board payment (payable by post-dated cheque made out to Northequest Equestrian Facility, Inc.)
Emergency Names and phone numbers of:
      -Your personal emergency contact name and number
      -Vet contact name and number
      -Farrier contact name and number
Valid documents for:
      -negative current coggins
      -4way vaccinations
      -worming schedule
      -proof of insurance carrier and type of coverage