Living at Northequest is a horse's dream come true! Upon moving your horse to Northequest, you will be consulted about numerous things: feeding requirements, turnout requirements and any other special needs you both may have. Our courteous and experienced staff will give you and your horse many options to make his/her stay a pleasant and safe one.

Northequest is a custom built barn designed to fulfill and exceed all our client expectations. We have 19 oversized custom box stalls, each is made up of a 12.2'x13.5' black powder coated, track-door system with feed door front, tongue-in-groove spruce walls, and a large grilled window. Rubber mats line each stall and are topped with quality screened shavings. Our 12'x14' enclosed wash stall with hot and cold running water makes bathing and drying a dream. A full bathroom is available for clients.

Here at Northequest we are pleased to provide our clients, both riders and horses, with a laundry service for things such as your polos, towels, and saddle pads. Just place your dirty horse laundry with your name clearly marked on it in the laundry hamper provided in the tack room. Clean laundry will be returned to a 'clean' shelf for you to pick up. This service is part of the cleanliness and well being mandate that we want to associate with Northequest.

Our arena is a state of the art custom creation by Cover-All buildings. This 62'x160' spacious arena provides you with the ultimate riding experience. It provides a bright, airy, pleasant and consistent environment that allows you and your horse to work to your maximum potential, focused and free from distractions. It has a bright, sunny day feeling inside with soft, even, natural light that reaches every corner, eliminating harsh shadows and dark corners that may alarm or distract your horse.

The natural brightness makes it easier to monitor your horses' health and performance, this creates a calm, pleasant atmosphere. This comfortable, quiet, year-round riding ring provides sound dampening qualities; the heavy duty fabric cover provides a hushed atmosphere; during rain and hail storms, no metal building can match the quietness inside this arena. The Cover-All also has thermal non-conductive properties, for year-round temperature moderation as well as fewer insects and safer footing to further enhance your riding experience.

Best of all, the arena is used sparingly due to the fact that we have a limited number of stalls and lessons are run during specified times, so the arena is rarely busy, and never crowded. Use of our outdoor Hunter/Jumper grass ring, and access to our 20-acre hacking field is entirely up to you.

Feeding at Northequest is on a personal and individual basis. Depending on your horses nutritional needs, several forms of quality feed are available and fed to your horses by our qualified Operation Managers daily.

  • Quality Hay is fed at 7:00am, 12:00noon (as needed), 4:00pm, 11:30pm
  • Grain is fed at 7:00am and 4:00pm (medications or supplements will be fed at these times)
  • Northequest offers: Fat & Fibre, Ten Maker, roughage cubes, crunch, pelleted feed, and bran
  • Fresh carrots are available to be fed to your horse at an additional fee of $6.00/month.
  • Water is always fresh and available in the barn and out in the fields.
(If alternate timed feeding is required there will be an additional charge of $20/per month)

TurnOUT at Northequest is an experience for both you and your horse. TurnOUT at Northequest is on a personal and individual basis performed daily by our Operation Managers. The safe and spacious individual oak fenced paddocks and group fields are of the highest quality and standard and make for peace of mind when you can't be with your horse during the day. We provide a grassy space where your horse can graze in peace and safety while getting a breath of fresh air. Our exterior automatic heated Nelson waterers ensure that your horse has fresh well water at all times in both summer and winter.

It is our goal to make your horse as comfortable in his or her surroundings as possible. During winter, as grass is unavailable, your horses' turnOUT will be supplemented with small square bales of hay outside and adjusted according to weather and daylight. Due to our high safety standards at Northequest, all blankets on horses at anytime during the year must have proper leg straps. Booting of any horse will only be allowed during day turnOUT to eliminate the possibility of accidents during night turnOUT. Horses will be blanketed according to the temperature: Sheets inside :+10°c and under, haversham inside: +3°c and under, Heavy blanket: -10°c and under, Turnout Rug- always when outside during inclimate weather or footing. One of the key issues will be to determine the safest and most effective place to turn your horse out. Your horse may do well in a large or small group - or may have to be turned out in an individual paddock. We here at Northequest will be as accommodating as possible but reserve the right to designate a turnOUT paddock or field for your horse based on safety and availability. If inclimate weather such as rain/winter storms or problem footing such as muddy/icy conditions arise, limited turnOUT will be done in our arena in 45 minute intervals per turnOUT group. Notification of such an event will be sent to you via e-mail.

  • All-Day TurnOUT is available from: 8:00am-3:30pm (summer/winter months according to weather)
  • 1/2-Day individal TurnOUT is available from: 8:00am-12noon/12noon-3:30pm, [6pm - 10pm summer only]
  • TurnOUT/Blanketing/Booting is between 7:30 & 8:00am daily (weather pending)
  • TurniN is between 3:00pm-3:30pm by Northequest Night Managers (weather & time of year may play a factor in the time the horses are turned out)